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In times of globalization, the importance of international employee deployment is growing. Companies are faced with the ever increasing complexity of managing expatriates’ cross-border taxation, social security, legal and immigration-related matters. 

The legal regulations in these fields are not only subject to constant change but they are also becoming more complex to manage when applied in different jurisdictions at the same time. Incorrect decisions can be both difficult and costly to rectify. 

Our services encompass the planning, structuring and implementation of every international cross-border employment. We help our clients identify assignment-related risks at an early stage and to optimize tax and social security payments while keeping the administrative cost at a minimum. 

We offer comprehensive support (both to the company and to the employee and individuals working abroad) including: 

  • Consulting Services for companies / employers including International Payroll 
  • Tax Services for employees (e.g. Expatriates) 

Altogether WTS Global Mobility Services provide a fully fledged tax and legal service portfolio from a single source. 

Our tax professionals have many years of experience at international consulting and/or law firms and are very used to the project management of expatriate accounts, irrespective of whether it is one or a thousand. With a representation in over 130 countries, our team offers local expertise on a global scale. 

Thenesh Kannaa
Thenesh Kannaa Executive Director
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