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Global enterprises require global supply chains. From a customs point of view, managing these supply chains is a tremendous task as customs laws and trade regulations on a national level are not internationally harmonized. Our domestic and global customs experts can help you find tailor-made solutions for structuring your supply chain and business strategy in a tax-efficient and sustainable manner. Our smart approach towards customs and trade regulations can help you save costs, optimise import, excise and export duties and avoid expensive delays and regulatory disputes. Together with our IT experts, we are able to offer process automation services on a global scale. This can significantly improve data integrity and reliability at your company. We have customs experts from more than 100 countries in our team. Our professionals include lawyers, economists, former government officials, auditors, and specialists from a wide range of industries for a multilingual and multidisciplinary service offering with your best interests at heart. Our credentials in Malaysia include 

  • Represented a multinational since 2022 to obtain tax refund of over RM100 million by pursuing revising to past tax filings based on new technical positions. After few rounds of deliberation and paperwork, the revision applications approved and hence amount of over RM100 million has been approved by Government in March 2023. 
  • Successfully represented a multinational oil & gas company to defend the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD)’s findings on GST non-reviewable contracts from over RM100 million of GST shortfall. Taking into account our various technical positions put forward, the RMCD revised their position and the resultant tax exposure is approximately 2% of the amount initially contended by RMCD. 
  • Represented an industry sub-sector since 2022 in interactions with Ministry of Finance and RMCD for a policy change with regards to sales tax, import duty and excise duty. The Government’s official policy has been changes since April 2023 in line with the position requested by the industry sub-sector.  
  • Advised and guided a Fortune500 company with investment over RM1 billion in Malaysia on indirect tax efficiency and compliance. 
  • Obtained standover (i.e. deferment of payment) over a Bill of Demand (“BOD”) served on a multinational automotive company and subsequently successfully reversed more than two-third the exposure by way of Ministry of Finance’s remission letter. 
  • Successfully represented a multinational oil & gas company to obtain standover against BOD issued by Wilayah state RMCD, and subsequently fully reversed the BOD based on a new HS Code classification from the RMCD headquarters. 
  • Successfully represented a reputable private university to obtain written confirmation on non-application of service tax on receipt of research grants based on specified characteristics, reversing RMCD’s previous position on the matter. 
  • Successfully defended a service provider on whom RMCD Penang contended to impose GST on the basis the service provider did not have a fixed establishment in Langkawi. 
  • Successfully obtained full penalty waiver for a courier service provider on a service tax matter. 


Dato’ Sri Subromaniam Tholasy
Dato’ Sri Subromaniam Tholasy Special Advisor – Customs
Unit 13-11, Level 13, Tower A, The Vertical, Avenue 3,
Bangsar South City, no. 8, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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